Villa Granada Medio Grande is a very spacious apartment of approximately 280 m2, which is the perfect setting for event / companies / groups with ample space in the living / dining room, terrace and pool area. In addition, the apartment has a large panoramic room, hall furnished with TV and games as well as entrance decorate the library, 3 bedrooms and 3 toilets with bath. In connection with activities such as family gatherings, celebrations, courses, etc. is Villagranada Medio Grande is the perfect meeting point where the activities take place and if you need some quiet time, have the opportunity to retreat, in one of the other apartments. There is the opportunity to cook in modern well-equipped kitchen. It is also possible to get food made on site of exciting chefs / restaurants possibly flavored with local entertainment. Villagranada Medio Grande has a private terrace of about 50 m2 with stunning views over the communal pool, pool area, the sea and the city in the background.

Facts about Villa Granada Mediogrande
  • Villagranada MedioGrande apartment is about 280 m2
  • Villagranada Mediogrande apartment has three bedrooms furnished with quality beds.
  • Villagranada Mediogrande has 1 activity room furnished with 2 sofa beds.
  • Villagranada Mediogrande has 1 panoramic room furnished with 2 sofa beds.
  • Villagranada Mediogranda has 3 toilets with bath.
  • Villagranada Mediogrande has a large well-appointed kitchen.
  • Villagranada Mediogrande has a very large dining / living room.
  • Villagranada Mediogrande has a large covered terrace.

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