House Rules


General rules.

Use the premises as if it were your own.

Heed neighbors and other guests during their stay.

Leave the premises, as when you received it.


Special Rules rules.

Swimming pool

Before using the swimming pool must take bath and make sure you are clean, also for sunscreen.

Complies you do this, the pool will come in uballance and can not be used for a period.

Para Soler and other equipment.

Parasols, markisser, sun beds and other equipment to be packed / rolled up and put on in place after use. There arises strong winds associated with weather changes that can cause accidents, damage due to equipment blowing around.



Noisy behavior is not allowed. Music may be played only for close doors and windows indoors.

After 24.00 am in Fuengirola rules to al gathering takes place indoors behind closed windows and doors. Who do not comply this, there is a risk that you get a visit from the local police.


Arrival Departure.

Check on arrival if there are gaps.

Check consumption on arrival and departure.

Put chairs, tables, crockery, pots, pans, barbecue equipment, sun beds and other equipment in place where you took it.

Cleaning service, pots, pans, barbecue equipment, etc. used.

Empty the dishwasher.

All cushions for the chairs to be taken in.

Close to all services (water, electricity, air conditioning, except refrigerators).

Do not reset the television computer and other equipment.

Please inform caretaker of broken things, so we can get it repaired.

Be aware that the caretaker after each rental, through this opportunity in detail.

And defects found after examination, will be claimed.



Violations can result in civil liability